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Help Us

Financial Support

The CCNC board, cognizant of the decades of study and thousands of hours of practice required to develop the talents of our various musicians, takes pride in the fact that we compensate our musicians for their time and talent. Other significant expenses include the cost of musical scores, programs, fees for rehearsal, meeting and performance spaces; advertising, insurance, and a variety of miscellaneous expenses.

Ticket sales and singer dues only begin to cover these expenses, and so we rely on advertisers, sponsors, and grants. Among many others, The Connecticut Commission on Culture and Tourism and Putnam Savings Bank have been loyal and generous supporters.

Please let us know if you’d like to sponsor us (with either your name, your business name, or “anonymous” listed in our program) or to purchase an ad for our program.  We solicit sponsorships and ads in the fall only, and contributions are included in programs for both fall and spring performances.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers carry out administrative and clerical functions of the organization. Most of these individuals are board members, but dozens of others, both singers and non-singers, help with various tasks.  Please e-mail us, (, if you might be able to help in the following areas:

  • •  Ushering at our concerts

  • •  Stuffing envelopes for mailings

  • •  Following up with potential advertisers and sponsors

  • •   Joining in an afternoon of writing thank-you notes to advertisers and sponsors

  • •  Providing technical skills:  accounting, graphic design, grant writing, and working with computer-based music programs.

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